W.A.G.E, 2016

In this chapter, we emphasize the capacities that we believe are necessary in order to be present with yourself and with others throughout your production process. We use the term capacity to refer to an ability to acquire knowledge and embody a way of being (a quality of presence) in daily actions and practices. We have noticed that artists who are capable of navigating difficult situations—and who continue to enjoy making art for decades—have developed many of the specific capacities that we will discuss in this chapter. For example, we will share the story of a group of artists in New York City who embody capacities that enable them to confront complex, changing environments, and to create their own business. Zara Serabian-Arthur and her friends formed a cooperatively owned film production company in New York City called Meerkat Media because they wanted to find a way to work with one another on a daily basis, rather than working elsewhere for their day jobs. A cooperative is an organizational form in which resources are distributed equitably and members vote democratically on the issues that impact their work.

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