When we gather together in spaces of learning, we imagine another, bigger circle of people that sit behind us, people who have taught us important lessons, people who have made our ongoing transformation possible, and people who have made our presence here possible. They might include our teachers and mentors, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, artists, or authors of influential works. See the Naming Who We Invite Into Our Space of Learning activity in Chapter 4: Teacher/Facilitator Guides for more. We also want to name the people who are recognized for their contributions to critical pedagogy and to acknowledge the role they have played in shaping our teaching philosophies and strategies.

We will share the work of The Public Science Project, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Alice Sheppard, Paulo Freire, angel Kyodo williams, John Dewey, Generative Somatics, and the researchers who developed Studio Habits of Mind. We will introduce you to their writing as a way to understand our central teaching philosophies and strategies in practice. They embody action-oriented, contemplative, community- and place-based, critical, co-created, socially just, somatic and project-based teaching. Their work has made our teaching possible.

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