Linda Goode Bryant, 2016

In this chapter, we notice that all is not well in our spaces of learning. We will introduce you to the assumptions that guide this book, including our assumption that as you make projects, you are both facilitating material transformation and a transformation of yourself. We suggest that the following section be shared with the group as best suits your context, either read aloud—in whole or in part—or assigned to be discussed in your space of learning. Before you begin to read, we invite you to ground yourself in the space: notice the air on your skin and your feet on the ground. What are your feelings and sensations at this moment? What are you bringing to this text? Take a moment to become aware of this. We invite you to notice what comes up for you, as you are reading this chapter. We will ask you to reflect upon this at the end of this chapter.

Download the full chapter: Why Now as a PDF